Pencil Bait (Non rattle)
Length : 3-1/4"
Weight : 3/10oz.
Hook size : 6

The Fat sum Jr. has both a powerful and prompt motion. Despite its small body,
it has a sufficient fing distance, which makes it support anglers under any condition.
Within the small class lures, it is Sumlures confident and praised product.
Plus at Lake Mead's tournament it was used as a key weapon and was the winning lure.

WON BASS US OPEN 2001 class AAA champion
She decided to participate in the WON Bass US Open 2001 Lake Mead tournament with her friend.
They were supported by those living in Los Angeles. Before the tournament she had many lures offered
by the supporters. Among these was one Fat sum Jr. She tried it several times and was convinced the
Fat sum Jr. be her tournament lure. At the tournament her first day she caught a fish on the second
cast of the Fat sum Jr. and proceeded to the competition without problems in allowing fish change when
necessary. That day, her partner fortunately caught a 4-lb bass and the bag reached the limit of five
fish, total weight of 10.22 lb. Among the five fish in the live well, three were caught by the Fat sum Jr.
From the beginning of the second day she used the Fat sum Jr. But she got a line-break by a rock during
the fighting with a big bass and she lost the unique Fat sum Jr. She was shocked. And worse, unfortunately,
she could not get a new Fat sum Jr. on the place. She merely could bring only one fish in the live well on
the second day and another on the third day of the tournament. With regret she had to finish her first
participation in the tournament. However, she became the champion of AAA class of WON Bass US Open
2001 due to her indisputable result of the first day and the Fat sum Jr. was glorified as the winning lure.
She said "The first day, small and big fish combined, the lure catching fish the most was the Fat sum Jr.
The lure was the Fat sum Jr. Of course I tried crankbait, spinnerbait or dropshot. They caught some but
the fish did not size up." She spoke about the Fat sum Jr.'s action "Generally the fish bit when twitching
once or twice after the landing. I tried several actions. Relatively smaller actions or slow movements got
more fish. Without much agitation and without much waving I followed the walk-the-dog action."
Her victory came from her exact situation analyses and from the power of the Fat sum Jr.

Mrs. Takagi interviewed about the tournament
I've never seen such landscapes, clear water, endlessly azure sky, the tournament size, the celebrity level,
the participant number, the spectator number, many famous bass professionals seen only in journals...
Although I had known several tournaments I was astonished by the atmosphere of this one as I may forget
I was participating in. I was worrying much about "If I don't catch any fish" or "If I fail to communicate with
my partner". Once the competition began, I nervously started my fishing. My partner seeing me so tried to
relax me by saying "Look out, there is a coyote", "there a turkey", or " Do you want water ?". In effect in
this tournament there was much cooperation between partners, not only for supporting landing fish. Once
taste the tournament, you will want to participate in again. This is such an attractive tournament

Powerful Fat sum Jr. in Japan and abroad. Left photo is at a reservoir in Ehime Prefecture (Japan).
The second photo from left is a big bass from the US. The third from left is also a big bass from
the US, by Mr. Chimura who won the fishing competition against his friend using another
topwater plug nearby.

Rod action : light.
Line : 10-14lb.

Attachment/connection : It moves better with a snap or ring.


color lineup.