Cotocas medium PROP
minnow(non rattle)
Length : 3-1/4"
Weight : 3/8oz
Hook size : 6
Dive deps : 0-1ft

When you look for a big fish searching for small fish near the surface in the early
morning, we advise you to start with the Cotocas PROP series. It happens often
that the Cotocas PROP series by dead-slow retrieving surpass the Cotocas series
in the fishing results for the sea, lakes and ponds. Particularly during the fishing
after the sun-set or in the morning dawn, the results by the Cotocas PROP series
are visible. An efficient way is, after casting the lure and the lure without any
movement for a while on the surface, you first give slight actions to the lure without
retrieving, then you retrieve very slowly. Also around obstacles and aquatic weeds
can become excellent target areas for the day-time fishing, but you should "attack"
very slowly. On waving areas or windy days, you can attract big fish by over-activating
the lure.

Rod action : light-medium light.
Line : 10-16lb.

Attachment/connection : A snap or ring is desired.

color lineup.